Nick Sherman



National Arts Centre / Centre national des Arts
1 Elgin
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 5W1

nick sherman

Singer-songwriter, Nick Sherman, gives new meaning to “the voice in the wilderness,” or rather, the voice from the wilderness. His gentle voice is rich with honesty and the vitality of youth, but tempered with world-weariness, atop his strong, simple guitar.

While he still calls his rural birthplace of Sioux Lookout home, Nick spent much of his youth out on the land, moving between his hometown, the small First Nation community of Weagamow Lake, and his family’s trapline on North Caribou Lake. It was here in the depths of the Northern Ontario forest that his family members would play guitar as they tended their trapline, and Nick found himself soaking in songs and lyrics.

GUTS (OO-NII-GUSH-EE-YAA-BEEN), out this spring, explores Indigenous perspectives in contemporary and evolving Canada.

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