Pool Party at the Kanata Wave Pool!

Pool Party at the Kanata Wave Pool! Sunday February 17, 2019, 7:30-9:30pm

Pool Party at the Wave Pool!
Bring your whole family, invite your friends and enjoy a pool party just for Autism Ontario!
Please note this date is the day before the Family day holiday.
This is a pool party only, all snacks etc are each family’s responsiblity. You must register all members of your family who will be attending (whether swimming or not).
This event is open to children with ASD, their siblings, friends and caregivers only. 
**Please be prepared: the waves come approximately every 7 minutes and are preceeded by a loud horn.**
Parents please note: The Kanata Wave Pool has restrictions and supervision requirements in effect. Parents must be prepared to go into the pool with their children. Please make sure you meet the below requirements for supervision of your children (the ratio is number of adults to children):
5 yrs And Under – Parents must be within arms reach at all times. 1:2
6-7 yrs  – Parents must be within arms reach at all times 1:4 (1:6 if wearing lifejackets)
8-10 yrs – Did not pass the facility swim test 1:4 (1:8 if wearing lifejackets) 8-10 yrs  – Successfully completed the facility swim test. 1:10   
Spaces are limited.  Registration is required.The Potential Programme has a no transfer of care policy and, as such, parents and/or caregivers are required to stay onsite  and be prepared ot be in the water with their children for this event.
It is recommended that you (the participant) consult with your physician prior to the start of any physical activity.  By registering for or participating in an Autism Ontario program or event, the participant agrees that the participant is and will be voluntarily participating in these activities and the participant assumes all risks of injury or death, which might result from these activities.
Nous recommandons à tous les participants de consulter leur médecin avant le début de toute activité physique. En s’inscrivant ou en participant à un programme ou à une activité d’Autisme Ontario, les participants reconnaissent que leur participation aux activités proposées s’effectue sur une base volontaire et qu’ils sont prêts à assumer tous les risques de blessure ou de décès pouvant résulter de ces activités.

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